New Seahorse Tactical Bump Helmet (Non Ballistic) with Rails made by our new brand WarfareFrog 779

These Tactical Bump Helmet (Non Ballistic) are  well-known style helmets widely used by Special Forces units, Maritime Boarding Teams, worldwide. Made of request by a NATO Maritime Boarding Team who doing Vessel interceptions and boardings  by naval vessels are generally carried out by visit, board, search, and seizure  (VBSS) team. They are also very similar to a MICH Helmet. Made of 100% polythene and ABS plastic with fibreglass rails and EVA foam padding, these helmets are very comfortable and highly adjustable. The arc rail system allows for the attachment of numerous accessories including torches, helmet cameras, etc. The helmets also feature a moulded front mount for night vision goggles.  The helmets have vents to increase air and water circulation.NOTE: these helmets do not provide any ballistic protection. FIRST PRESENTATION AT IWA SHOW 2018

  • Replaceable inside pads
  • 3 internal pads included
  • Adjustable pads and chin strap
  • Rails for gear attachment
  • Front moulded NVG mount
  • Color:Black ot Green or Tan
  • Weight: 1.2 KG

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