Easy way to marker your Vehicle “Identification, friend or foe (IFF) or Combat Identification (CID)”

Easy way to marker your Vehicle “Identification, friend or foe (IFF) or Combat Identification (CID)” for all military units in out of area missions a must have. Few years ago a Nato air strike has killed one Afghan private security guard and injured five more who were protecting a military supply convoy for international troops in afghanistan. Because the pilots was not able to see the different on the ground between allied forces and atrackers. One option from the Libyan rebels painted the roofs of their vehicles bright pink on Friday to avoid more friendly fire casualties after a NATO airstrike they said killed five fighters. “We are painting the trucks so NATO won’t hit us,” said Salam Salim, a 29-year-old rebel militiaman. The strike Thursday hit a rebel tank column as it advanced on the disputed oil port of Brega, causing a confused insurgent retreat back from Ajdabiya, gateway to the uprising’s stronghold in Benghazi. The problem is with the solution every one see it and know it what it is. Centurio Design has a solution to marker operators and vehicles, our Personal Illuminator – Signal Marker LED. The marker are High Visibility, Impact resistance, Waterproof/Submersible capability, Simple integration with gear/clothing or at your vehicle or weapon system (see the photos in the report). Personal Illuminator – Signal Marker LED are available in diffrent colors such as White, Red, Blue, Green but also in IR (Infrared). The IR LED is extremely Bright with a maximum visibility/reliability– 20,000 Millicandela 850nm or 930nm Infrared (IR) LEDs – average life span 7,000 hours continuous. More information at the Centurio Design website

Special thank you for the photos to Tom. 


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