That is what we call Badass – RSG8 in Action

Just click on the image to see the video 😉 at our growing Youtube channel.

About the Video

A couple of days ago, we had a mission with our Marc “LOCKE” Randow let’s shot his vehicle… That was fun, but we decided to work out a new plan… At the Centurio Design – Core Office in Muenster / Germany we thought there can go more on with Locke as just shot his vehicle. So Locke was ordered to prove us how much “Badass” he is (Note: Thank you to the team of Carl Hoernecket Chem. Fabrik GmbH & Co. KG better knowing under his brand name TW1000 ( to support us with a RSG8 spray bottle)… So guys what do you think? did Locke past the test or we need to work forward with more tests?


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