Original Badass Crew® aka Centurio Design® Love History. Thanx for the nice gift.

A customer, a friend and lifetime member of the Original Badass Crew® who wants to remain unnamed here, visit the founder “Tillee” of Centurio Design® who is right now at the Hospital and brought a gift with him because he knows that Tillee and all others of the Original Badass Crew® at our Core Office love history and handed him a “Original U.S. Air Force Spy Photo” of a part of this home town of Centurio Design® in Muenster (Münster) / Germany at 1945 make it at the last days of the world war 2.

In the future you can see a large photo copy of the U.S. Air Force Spy Photo in our new Core Office on our wall (The original one will be by Tillee at his home office st the wall😉) at our reopening of the Core Office Muenster (Münster) / Germany, the date will be announced soon here at our CenturioBlog.com. The Core Office is also the homebase of the “Cheers Mate Club®”.

You see on the U.S. Air Force Spy Photo: This “Dortmund Ems Canal (Dortmund-Ems-Kanal)” and a part of the “Hansa quarter (Hansaviertel)” and the corner of the industrial area “Hawerkamp”… By the way the canal and bridge still exists and is not far away from our Core Office.


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