photo_2016-06-21_16-19-26Centurio Design® is proud to present a great and nice product from down under (Australia) wish is also compatible and works perfect with our Signal Markers. Platatac® CSI Folder made by Platypus Outdoors Group. The Platatac® CSI Folder a great solution and perfect to use for any military, law enforcement and security officer in the field or on patrol such as a mobile office in your vehicle or in action at a crime scene. The size is perfect (A4) so no problems with our European standard letterhead sizes to stored documents, maps, and office equipment even if you need at work a Radio (walky talky) if you need it at your job. We like also the double zippers, we put just one of the Centurio Design® Signal Markers on one of the zippers and is give you perfect light in low-light/no light situation to make you notes or to read your instructions on duty. What we like also is if you walk from your vehicle to the crime scene or car accident on a motorway (Highway) etc. you can use the flash mode on the Signal Marker so that so that other vehicles can see you that you walk on the sideways or stay in a dark corner at the scene, it will be support your reflection vest for your own safety. This CSI Folder is available in Multicam®, AusCam, Black, Ranger Green.

More details about the Platatac® CSI Folder

  •  A4 sized folder
  • Large Velcro patch and business card window on the front
  • 2x A4 sized document/map windows
  • Zips open to reveal:
  • 2 x Internal document pouches
  • 4 card holder sleeves
  • 3x Pen pockets, and;
  • 1 x torch/multitool sleeves
  • 2 small general purpose pouches (1 x Velcro closure (12cm x 15cm; 1 x Mesh with elastic top (12cm x 10cm)
  • Clip board on right hand side
  • Carry handles Patches,
  • NOTE: Stationary and other accessories not included

Order Information, please contact Platatac® direct at:

Platatac® c/o Platypus Outdoors Group
6 Westpool Drive
Ph: 1300 PLATAC (752 822)
Retail Store: Ph: (03) 9024 7550
Email: platatac@platypusoutdoors.com.au
Website: platatac.com.au

Centurio Design Online homes at:
Website: http://www.CenturioDesign.com
Facebook®: http://www.facebook.com/CenturioDesign
Instagram®: @CenturioDesign
Twitter®: @CenturioDesign
Telegram®: https://telegram.me/CenturioDesign
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