E.U. wants to tighten gun laws (EU will Waffenrecht verschärfen)

Howdy Guys, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT TO STOP THE EUROPEAN UNION TO BAN OUR GUN RIGHTS: Petition · EU : You cannot stop terrorism by restricting legal gun ownership. · VISIT THE LINK: https://goo.gl/JA5CsM. It’s starts with Semi Rifles and Replica, Alarm Guns, and Deactivated Guns and later all Hunting Rifles, Shotguns, Air Rifles, Paintball guns, Knives, Pepper Sprays etc …. USE YOUR VOICE! USE THE PETITION TO STOP THE BAN… PLEASE REPOST AND SHARE OUR POST TO ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS. This political in the European Union really think they can control crime and terrorism if the band our legal firearms from law respecting European Union citizens this is a really deep grip inside our democracy and freedom. Firearms are part of democracy. What exactly this the European Union wants is to have much control if they already have over law respecting European Union citizens who owns legal firarms. With all due respect for our politicians “TRUST US YOUR PEOPLE, YOU ARE OUR GOVERNMENT”,


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