POST FOR NORTH AMERICAN READERS ONLY: Centurio Design Canada Inc. is becoming more independent

cdc-websiteHowdy Guys, our branch in Canada “Centurio Design Canada Inc.” becoming more independent from day to day. We are proud to be present you an exact copy of the international website, however, services our North America customers and people who like to become a customer, indicates for example all prices U.S. dollars and shows size and weight of our products in inch and oz. Our North America customer service is also ready to handle OEM requests. At the moment all of our retail and law enforcement customers needs to contact a local retailer or distributor in North America to get hands on our products. We have in California in the area of the City of San Diego our Director of Training (North America) he cares about our product and safety training local in North America and a special civilian training’s coordinator in the area of the city of Los Angeles.

We use two official web-domains for the North America market.

To better service our North American customers, about new activities in North America, we have an independent social media base built who is managed independent by our Canadian staff. Great example are

Many long-time customers and friends knowing about the very good an very special connection between the management at the mother company “Centurio Design in Germany” and the country of Canada, for the management in Germany it is a step back to home and renewed established again with the establishment of the company “Centurio Design Canada Inc.”. We hope that we can create a lot of jobs and future for many people in Canada and our that our new company has that success in North America as it now looks at the moment.


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