Ever Ready Flashlight


Conrad Hubert (1855–1928) was a Russian inventor known for electric flashlights. Hubert continued to make improvements on his “portable electric lights” from 1903 forward. Hubert got interested in an electrical device for lighting natural gas equipment in the later part of the 1890s.He obtained this patent (No. 617,592) from David Misell, which came with an “electric device” that resembles the flashlight. In 1905, he and W.H. Lawrence, who had manufactured the first consumer battery to power home telephones, formed the Ever Ready battery company. He soon became a millionaire. In 1914 he sold Ever Ready Company to the National Carbon Company. He soon thereafter bought a controlling share in the Yale Electric Corporation, manufacturing batteries for automobiles and later for radios, and was the chairman of the board of directors until his death. He was a director of Pyrene Manufacturing Company and of Fordbrad Realty and was a member of the Chamber of Commerce of New York City and of Brooklyn. Ever Ready Flashlight2


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