German historical flashlight advertisement


We have this original advertising found and purchased for our company in eBay and want the of course to share with you all. Absolutely great for any flashlights friends, and in Germany stil one the most famous  flashlight up today built in different version and version and used. It was a successor of this flashlight was used in World War II by the Germans see here “WWII Military Signal Flash Light“. This image shows a German original advertisement from the magazine “Kosmos” in 1931 by the manufacturer Daimon Telko Focus, We would like to translate in english for you from top to bottom, the Advertising. TOP: GERMAN: DAIMON TELKO FOCUS Für Nah- und Fernlicht mit Brennpunkt-Einstellen = ENGLISH TRANSLATION: DAIMON TELKO FOCUS For close and Long light with focusadjusting.  BOTTIN: GERMAN: Morse- u. Signallampe mit Lederschlaufe. Im Fachgescgäft erhältlich = ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Morse and indicator light with leather strap. Available in specialized Shops.

We can only hope here at CenturioGroup that we are sometimes so well known and such traces in history left as Daímon Telco Focus.


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