E.U. Tactical Supply & Centurio Showroom

Dear valued customers and friends
Thank you for visiting E.U. Tactical Supply (TacticalSupply.eu we will come soon online), E.U. Tactical Supply is a division of the CenturioGroup. We will open soon also our first and new Showroom (Shop) in the area of Muenster. The Showroom will be in our new Office and Factory Facility.Our store will be open soon, please note we don’t try to make any mail order service only a classic retail store local in our town Muenster and for our customers at our training center.

What is E.U. Tactical Supply?
E.U. Tactical Supply is your one stop, home/self-defense and tactical shop, equipping everyone from the individual Police Officer, Military, Customs or Prison Guards etc to the sports enthusiast who likes to get his hand on high quality and greats products made by CenturioGroup and found on this CenturioWorkout Partner and Training Sponsor Gear and a few other items not included on our site. With a full customer service representative, repair center and warehouse to support our headquarter and partner brands and training sponsors buying is fast and convenient at the E.U. Tactical Supply. Come by and check out all the great gear at E.U. Tactical Supply im Westfalia / Muenster