Howdy, we were the last weekend in Hamburg for a few meetings and to meet our old and new webmaster we found this road sign. The sign says in German language “Waffen Verboten means in english prohibited weapons” and that the environment is camera monitored ** We noted hamburg will never be our city, a city which bans legal weapons can not be with us on a wave. What we understand is that our CenturioGroup devices, we speak about our LLLW (Lightning Less Lethal Weapons are NOT BAN by the sign 😉 LOL.,,,, What for  city who needs to creat his own road sign like the. 🙂
We asked ourselves because Hamburg is an international city so what understands a tourist or illiterate people about the road sign?

We think they will understand this….

  1. Symbol “Pistol”: Thou shalt not wear pistol but only rifles, smg, shotguns etc. 🙂 LOL
  2. Symbol “Knife”: Thou shalt not wear folding knife bud fixed knives are ok 🙂 LOL
  3. Symbol “Baseball Bat”: To play Baseball is forbidden in Hamburg 🙂 LOL
  4. Symbol “Mace / MK6 (RSG)”: OK, we understand. a MK6 (RSG) is simple not a enough but a MK9 (400ml) will be good for than 😉 LOL