Centurio’s LLLW Weapons support this Convention for the Protection of Human Rights

Howdy Guys, CenturioGroup® first and real world leading manufacture of Lightning Less Lethal Weapons (LLLW®). CenturioGroup® to comply with Article 2 (Right to life) of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom CLICK HERE FOR DOWNLOAD. Police officers in this European Union need a legal situation by using power of force or less-lethal weapons. Most of the times human right groups / left wingers get Police officers or departments for court because there say “you action against the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom” (to visit the european court for human rights online click of one of the pictures). This answer is our LLLW® devices. The concept is to confuse and disoreint an attacker by inducing temporary blindness. An attacker who can not see you is far less of a threat than an attacker that is unable to see you. The strobe effect of the Centurio® PugioLight®, BAD® ,and any other LLLW® devices is so powerful that it even works through closed eyes. The Centurio® strobe works in any type of light condition — daylight, low light, dim light, or darkness. An attacker loses coordination plus the ability to effectively judge distance, thereby making it difficult for him to grab you or your weapon.

The spectrum of Fight with Light® includes training in firearms and edged weapons, unarmed defensive and combative techniques, and military and law enforcement low-light tactics. An important part of our Fight with Light® training concept is our force-on-force part which utilizes role=playing aggressors armed with marking-cartridge training weapons or with the Centurio® LLLW® devices to provide the realism, stress, and continually shifting dynamics needed to drive home the life-saving knowledge and responses. We also emphasize use-of-force legal and policy issues and first aid. Fight with Light® is based upon our high-quality Centurio® LLLW® devices and effective techniques/tactics. It is not only for military and law enforcement or civilians — it is also a great backup training for civilian professionals for close protection, house and compound security/guards, embassy details, etc.


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