Our sacred quest for the perfect long drink groundwork Finlandia Vodka starts on FaceBook  few years ago as a jock of our team, and today it is a must to search for the perfect long drink. and here we are our favorites.

Centurio’s Rock N’ Guns
4 cl (1½ oz) Finlandia Vodka
12 cl(4 oz)  Sprite or 7up
On The Rocks only
Glass:     Highball
Method: Build

The long drink is our classic one in our company 🙂 and is creat and powert by our CEO “Tilee Roters”.

Perfect for this autumn / winter… or at a long party 🙂 LOL

Finlandia Espresso Martini
4 cl (1½ oz)     Finlandia Vodka
4 cl (1½ oz)     Espresso
1 cl (1/4 oz)     Simple Syrup
Glass:     Cocktail
Method:     Shake
Garnish:     3 Coffee Beans

More long drinks and cocktails we will show you asap, after TEAM CENTUERIO has check than out 🙂


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