The Armadillo is a fully interlinking riot shield that allows a formation to survive extreme attack from rocks, petrol bombs and shotguns, yet canbe released for rapid deployment and arrest teams. The line of interlinked shields gives a safe barricade behind which gas gunners, counter-sniper and SWAT teams can deploy. In opposed house entry situations the linked shields give total overhead protection.Designed originally for the United Kingdom Prison Service as the standard barricade riot shield for Control and Restraint tactics. Used as the front rank shield, linked in formations of three shields in front, and three Short C&R Armadillo as roof or overhead protection. The shield is 4mm thick Lexan polycarbonate with clear centre panel for maximum visibility. Due to the 1800mm (6ft) height, this shield allows an officer to stand upright and the shield survives extensive impact attack. Hook and loop handles for comfortable carry both at the trail and in action. A foam rubber impact pad is attached to the inner face for protection of forearm. The backing panel allows releasable interlinking with any other style of Armadillo to give side, top and extended protection. Contact Centurio for more information.


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