Improved the fuse of the Baffled Advantage Device® (BAD®)

CenturioGroup® improved the fuse of the Baffled Advantage Device® (BAD®). All products which came out of the December 2009 production and current production have been upgraded. We require all existing BAD® units to be returned to our factory office in Muenster (Germany) and we will replace the fuse free of charge including shipping costs.

What was the problem?
At a Fight with Light® demonstration at the IWA 2010 in Germany and later during  real time training session by our own product training division “CenturioWorkout®“ we found a problem with the fuse.

The old fuse was just pressure switch on the head, when the BAD® was safe, and for example is rolled to a corner and came to a hard stop it has activated with the safety lever and pin in place. This problem we solved, we have designed new fuse for the BAD® Series.

The old fuse was changed as follows-
The new fuse has two turn protectors and the new Safety Lever has a small steel pin which fits between the two turn protectors to prevent any premature activation. The new fuse is also a new patent, which is why we did not publish the photos now and not in the last update.


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