NERO SOL “Special Operation Light” First Modula Light in the World! two-in-one System (Patent Pending)

CenturioGroup®  has developed the First Modula Light in the World! two-in-one System.This comprises a small Handheld flashlight for normal use which can also be used as a small Tactical Light. CenturioGroup® believes in new concepts and with the New E.U. / U.S. and International Patents Pending for NERO® SOL Series we believe we have started a new Generation of Tactical Assault Lights.

Detail Description of the NERO® SOL:
The NERO® SOL is manufactured with a new featured middle section to allow the light to be fitted for your fingers etc. It is manufactured in this way so that when the light is fitted to your fingers etc. they become an integral item. This gives the user complete faith in the knowledge that your fingers etc will in no way affect his handling in combination with your weapon and light system in all tactical situations.


  • Precision-machined, Anodized Aircaft Aluminum Construction
  • -40 to +60C operating range
  • Shock-Isolated BulbQuadruple O-ring Seals for Extreme Weather Resistance
  • Illumination by a CREE Q5 Bulb
  • Power: 150 Lumens
  • Power Supply by 2 x CR123A 3V Lithium BatteriesPicatinny Rail and Universal Rail CompatibleThe Light comes in a kit with Mount and Normal Tailcap
  • Usable for left and right handler

Size it is around 8cm in diameter x 3cm in the light head The NERO® SOL kit comprises Light, Tactical Finger Tailcap. Standard Flashlight Tailcap.

NERO SOL KIT Part#: NL9001


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