We finish the BAD Airy now.. The SECOND but ONLY Real LESS-LETHAL Flashbang in the World!

Baffled Advantage Device “BAD Model: Airy“… The SECOND but ONLY Real LESS-LETHAL Flashbang in the World!

Product features:

The Aluminum tube is precision-machined, aircraft aluminum construction (6061-T6)

The plastic tube is polycarbonate (PC), part of the shock-isolation, provides fully
protection of LEDs inside Rubber rings with square-cut, stopping BAD rolling away
and they are impact and shock protector

Tube diameter: 55mm
The total length of the BAD: 143mm

Weight with batteries: 405g

Weight without batteries: 490g

Power is supplied by 2 x CR123A lithium batteries

Illumination is by 18 Cree Q5 LEDs, each which produces 140 Lumens

(total approx. 2,520 lumens)

Centurio patented strobe technology

Shock-isolated bulbs and body
Strobe frequency is 8~15Hz

Sound runs through 1 speaker with an output of approx. 145dB

How the BAD works
Hold the “Safety Device 2” close on the body of the BAD

After you pull the “Safety Device 1” ring/wire out of the BAD, it will be armed

When you release the “Safety Device 2” it will spring away from the body of the BAD
Approx. 0.5 seconds later the BAD will start the strobe and sound
Both will continue for approx. 8 – 10 seconds, after which it will stop automatically

PERFECT TO USE FOR: gas station, chemical facility, Prison, offshore platform,  drug laboratories, schools, airplains, etc

NOTE:  To be sure that the BAD works again in your next situation, replace the batteries with fresh ones


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