CenturioGroup is a fan of Steve Lee “I Like Guns”

Album Available at www.ilikeguns.com.au and in all good Australian gun stores. Purchase the MP3 through iTunes. Also available through www.CDBaby.com Written by Steve Lee Produced by Bill Chambe… Also check out YouTube.com “see the link below” for Steven Lee video “I Like Guns”.   We think in the song is a lot’s of true’s 🙂 but it also one of the most crazes songs and videos what we saw ever 🙂 so fits perfect in the world where we live in today. How hardcore is that, the a singer makes a song about guns,  maybe it is a sign for all the Western governments around the world to give  trust & freedom back to the people again, because not every gun owner is a criminal or the next gunman in a school or shopping mall.


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