Visist us at IWA 2010

Dear Customer,
We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year, and like every year it is “IWA time”. CenturioGroup® will again exhibit at the IWA in Hall 6, Booth 316A. We are back on the stage where we present our new products and new operational training methods in Hall 6.

What is new this year from Centurio

is a new form of the Lightning Less-Lethal Weapon® (LLLW®) systemwhich uses the Centurio®  Strobe Technology with 7000 lumens of light. The design is similar to a futuristic pistol. The RAIDER® is one part of our Lightning Less-Lethal Weapon® (LLLW®)

B)  CL-1® Launcher / BAD40® Projectile “The first launcher worldwide capable of firing a projectile without propellant or CO2.  Both systems are a part of our Lightning Less-Lethal Weapon® (LLLW®)”.

C)  BAD®  Series “The FIRST and ONLY Real LESS-LETHAL Flashbang in the World!  We present two versions: Model Heavy and the Model Airy. The BAD® is another part of our Lightning Less-Lethal Weapon® (LLLW®).”

D)  BlackKnife® “The FIRST military and law enforcement Modular Multi-tool and Automatic Knife in one device in the world.”

E)  Brutus – I (Automatic Knife) “Most of you guys know our Brutus – I, and many of you asked us for an automatic version which we now have available”

These are only a few of our new products to be shown at the IWA show.  We are proud to be the host for Baker Ballistics again and that Mr. Al Baker will be with us at the show.ith us at the show. If you are interested in an invitation to the IWA 2010, then email us today at  Please type in the following data:  last name, first name, street address, postal code, city, province, country, telephone (where we can call you during the day) and your email address (we will email to you your confirmation). IMPORTANT NOTE: Admission to the IWA & Outdoor Classics is restricted exclusively to trade visitors. Children and young people under 18 years of age are not admitted to the exhibition. Centurio makes no sales at our booth during the  IWA show including on the last day.


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