CenturioGroup is proud to present you the new booth for the IWA 2010

CenturioGroup is proud to present you the new booth for the IWA 2010th In recent years we have always shared booths with our American patner, This is over now! at the IWA we are alone, we will have one of 24m2 booth in the Law Enforcement / Security Hall #6, Booth 316A. We thought that we make a new beginning, and have allowed us the luxury to design their own booth. BLACK is beautiful this is the new slogan for our booth and our new X-Light Pirate logo is present real big at our booth, because we like show an other Flashlight company that you need somethink more as big monye in order to be a revolutionary, you need new ideas, new concepts, new products you need items what is not on the market yet and not just low bugget products with a new name such as “TACTICAL”. We would like to ask you if you visit IWA show and you like met one of our sales managers you need to contact us asap for an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Meeting-IWA@Centurio.biz If you have a contact allready in our company please feel free to contact than direct for an appointment direct. More Information you fund at IWA 2019 online at: www.IWA.info

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