Centurio’s T12 …BURN BABY BURN…

Hi Guys, I just wanted something to show what one of our customers sent us, we get a light back “T12” from for a warrenty repair service, but one of our team memeber forgod to put out the batteries of the light 🙂 funny anyway “ANDI PERFECT JOB BROTHER 🙂 HAHHA” so we send the customer by DHL  back to him and we all know DHL there shacket from the left to the right, up an down so and the light switsh on 🙂 now you can see how powerfull our lights are 🙂  BECAUSE THE LIGHT WAS ON!!!!!… the comment of the customer what send us the photo was “puuuu damned we was close to burn up the Police Station” … sorry mate, next time we will be better :).

By the way we would like you to remeber that we stop the production of the T-Series. Because the technology is to old and not realy update from us in the last years. Centurio allways looks for the moderns and latest technology on earch for our products.

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